… in Dirty Barracks. The Space and Practice of the 1945 Protest

IN DIRTY BARRACKS”. The space and practice of the 1945 protest.
a contribution to the book: Stamm, Kerstin; Stoffel, Patrick (Ed.):
»Europa. Eine Fallgeschichte!«, Berlin, 2016. p. 27–46.

Six months after liberation from Nazi rule, some one hundred “displaced persons”
protested in Linz, Upper Austria. The demonstration of those once persecuted
by the regime – in “Hitler’s hometown,” no less – hints at an epic that
spans to the present day. Demands voiced by the Jewish survivors invoking
their right to a decent life are echoed in the situation of 21st century refugees.
The no man’s land “between the legal system and life” befalling people who,
for whatever reason, are seen as non-integrable, offers no protection. Given
that they are forced to live in a near endless state of emergency, Europe must
ask itself whether it is enough to relegate refugees in refugee camps, boat- or
shipping container people to a space that affords them no rights and drives
them to the margins of the law. Europe calls itself a “space of freedom, security

Schatzl, Europa Weiterlesen